Droidsheep APK for Android Download (Latest Version)

Download DroidSheep APK for Android and start monitoring your network activity by intercepting the non-secure web sessions.

Droidsheep is an open-source tool that lets the user intercept non-secure web sessions over the wireless network. This tool was designed to fulfill the ethical needs of security researchers and penetration testers as well. Droidsheep APK’s one of the core functionality is finding the vulnerability and loopholes. In order to install the app, you need to root your smartphone first. It won’t work on any unrooted phone. This application is developed for ethical use only. We HomesforHackers.com aren’t responsible of any consequences of your usage.

Droidsheep APK Requirements

To work with droidsheep apk on your Android smartphone, you need the following things to take a start.

  • Rooted Android Device (It won’t work unless the smarphone is rooted.)
  • BusyBox App (It requires BusyBox app to be installed to run few linux commands.)
  • Target over a WiFi Network

How Droidsheep works?

On a wireless network users browse the internet through WiFi and all the users interact and perform transmission of data packets (including messages and chats) which can be easily captures and spoofed over the network. Droidsheep APK intercept all the packets over the WiFi network among different users from sender to receiver. Keep in mind droidsheep only work on the non-secure web sessions. If one’s using the secure SSL powered HTTPS website then this tool might not work. For the SSL secured websites, it only can intercept packets but can’t read the encrypted content. So, there’s a tip for you. If you wanted to be secure of this spoofing tool, only use the secure medium to communicate over the internet.

Download Droidsheep APK for Android

Click here to download droidsheep apk for Android and start intercepting over your network.