DroidJack 4.4 Full Version Download – Android RAT

Download Droidjack 4.4 full version and take full control of the remote smartphones easily. Get hands on to this powerful Android RAT.

Technology is getting advanced day by day. Computers transformed to smartphones and gives all the things you can get from a PC. As the technology have grown, risks to privacy also have risen to a peak. It’s very important to take care of your smartphone’s activity as it can get hacked very easily with Droidjack.

DroidJack is one of the most powerful Android RAT (remote administration tool) that used to gain unauthorized access to a remote smartphone. It’s mostly used for offensive things but most to the security researches work to find out the new security holes. The purpose of sharing this tool is only for ethical use so you can learn how your smartphone can be hacked and how you can avoid such privacy threats. It is very easy to use for it’s simple GUI interface. You can build a payload APK easily just few clicks or even can bind it with other applications so the target won’t even notice and our payload will get installed automatically.



  1. Easy to use GUI interface.
  2. Simple APK generator.
  3. Bind payload APK with any application.
  4. Powerful Files Explorer with all access priviliges.
  5. Read and Write Messages remotely.
  6. Make a phone call or record an active call.
  7. Browse Call Logs.
  8. Read/Write Contact List.
  9. Remote Camera to capture Images & Videos from target device.
  10. Listen to the live conversations through remote Mic, and record the audio from Mic.
  11. Check Internet Browser History.
  12. GPS Locator.
  13. List of all the installed Applications.
  14. Get phone’s detailed info.

DroidJack 4.4 Full Version Download

Click here to download droidjack 4.4 full version.

Follow a step by step tutorial to learn how droidjack works and how to hack smartphone remotely with droidjack.