Download dSploit APK for Android – A Security Toolkit

DSploit one of the top penetration testing and network analysis toolkit for the security researchers and pen testers. Download dsploit apk for android to analyze your network on the go.

DSploit is a bundled hackpack for penetration testing and network analysis, packed with all the essential network testing and hacking tools as well. Dsploit’s core purpose is to provide all the essential security analysis tools in one suite pack to the security researchers for analyzing the network or can assess penetration testing techniques. Dsploit was launched for the Windows PC platform initially and after it’s huge popularity, it’s developed for the Android as well. DSploit APK offers all the powers of this toolkit at your finger taps to perform security checks on the go no matter wherever you are.

DSploit for Android

As you get your hands on the dSploit for android version, you get full control over your network and security operations like active host OS, network mapping, finding the vulnerabilities, real time network traffic manipulation, running services and even can act like a Man in the Middle for breaking the passwords of social networks.

DSploit APK Features

Explore some of the prominent features of dsploit apk for android:

  • Powerful Wifi Password Cracker – Scans and list down the all the active WiFi networks and try to capture the network key automatically.
  • Super Fast PortScanner – Scans and finds all the active open ports of the devices over the network.
  • Router PWN – To pawn the whole router, execute the service.
  • Resources Inspector – Check the OS and other running services of the target devices.
  • Trace – Do the tracing route on the target.
  • Vulnerability Scanner – Searches for all the most common and hidden vulnerabilities on the target device through National Vulnerability Database.
  • Network Login Cracker – Cracks to find the network user login passwords.
  • Packet Forger – Enables user to craft customized packets and transmit to the target.
  • MitM Attacks – Performs MiTM (Man in the Middle) attack over the network.
  • Packets and Passwords Sniffer – Sniffs the network to capture the transmitted packets of data over the network from various protocols HTTP, IMAP, FTP and many others.
  • Session Hijacking – It lets the user to hijack web session cookies.
  • Traffic Redirect – Redirect HTTP traffic to any other malicious crafted web-page.
  • Script Injector – Injects the malicious crafted scripts into the web sessions of visited page.
  • And much more…

DSploit APK Requirements

In order to start dSploit APK on your smartphone, these are few required things to get started.

  • Android 2.4 and above versions.
  • Device must be rooted in order to use it.
  • BusyBox App (Full Version)

Download DSploit APK for Android

Click here to download dSploit APK for Android.

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