SpyMax v2.0 Android RAT Download – With Ultimate Powers

SpyMAX v2.0 Android RAT download and take control of android devices remotely with it’s powerful features.

Spymax is one of the best android RAT (Remote Administration Tool) that allows the attacker to take control of a remote system via an unauthorized way. Spymax is packed with ultimate powers and comes with easy to use GUI interface. It’s fully compatible to take over the remote device completely and can access the all the confidential and other social data of the user just like a root user. Spymax v2 is more powerful and upgraded version with improved user experience and it’s functionality.


In order to work with spymax, you must need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Java Installation
  • NET Framework 4.5 Installation

Android Versions Compatibility

Spymax is fully compatible with the following Android versions:

  • 9.0 – Pie, 8.0 – Oreo, 7.0 – Nogut and the old version 6.0 – Marshmallow as well.


  1. Easy to use GUI interface.
  2. Simple APK generator.
  3. Bind payload APK with any application.
  4. Powerful Files Explorer with all access priviliges.
  5. Read and Write Messages remotely.
  6. Make a phone call or record an active call.
  7. Browse Call Logs.
  8. Read/Write Contact List.
  9. Remote Camera to capture Images & Videos from target device.
  10. Listen to the live conversations through remote Mic, and record the audio from Mic.
  11. Check Internet Browser History.
  12. GPS Locator.
  13. List of all the installed Applications.
  14. Get phone’s detailed info.


    • Multi port support: Can work on any port.
    • Insertion point encoding.
    • Run multiple patches on a single device.
    • Transmit data securely from and to the device over the network.
    • Capable of controlling program configurations.
    • Notifications hidden from the phone’s notification bar.
    • Name of the package can be changed to anything.
    • Java isn’t required for building process in batch.
    • Fixed a sudden crash problem (Sudden crash problem is fixed in this version.)
    • Remote microphone has been fixed
  • Improved program connection speed
  • An attractive and improved interfaces
  • GPS positioning accuracy improved
  • And few other improvements.

Spynote Vs SpyMax

Most of the people rely on the SpyMAX for it’s STEALTH MODE which is considered a 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable) payload than the Spynote. It has a advanced feature in which you can open multi ports in spymax. But Spynote isn’t any bad as it’s also having really powerful features with easy to use GUI. Check out spynote features.