Download zAnti APK v3.19 for Android – Penetration Testing Toolkit

zAnti for Android to take all the penetration testing and ethical hacking needs in your pocket no matter wherever you are. Download zAnti APK v3.19 for android and start exploring it’s powers.

zAnti is one of the most powerful tools suite pack for all the penetration testing, ethical hacking and all the other security research needs. This tool is initially released for the Windows and Linux OS but now finally it’s available for android to take all it’s powers with you on the go. ZAnti APK for android works on both phones either it’s rooted or not but in order to experience all the zAnti APK functionalities, your phone needs to be rooted. Without rooting, some features might not work properly as most of the security related operations required root access to work on.

zAnti APK for Android

As we all are living in this modern age of social media where everyone shares their all day activities on the social media. Some do the public talks and some do discuss personal things via chats. This is where threat to privacy appears. People have no idea whether their conversations be captured by any unauthorized intruder or sniffer over your network. Here comes Zanti APK handy that makes sure the network security is to optimum level and no one is spying over your chats.

ZAnti APK has two versions. One is free which comes with some limitations and the other one is premium which was a paid version and all the premium features are unlocked in it. You can complete access to all the features of this tool. For now, the developers of zAnti made even premium version free of cost and all the premium features are added to the free version as well. It lets everyone take care of their security without even spending a penny.

zAnti APK Features

ZAnti for Android is packed with all the powers a penetration tester needs to intercept the packets. Some of the most prominent features of zanti are as follow:

  • Network vulnerability scanner.
  • Security loopholes evaluation in the network.
  • Automatically diagnose vulnerabilities in websites & smartphones via Metasploit and Man in the Middle attack factor.

Download zAnti APK v3.19 for Android

Click here to download zAnti APK v3.19 penetration testing tool suite pack for Android and start testing things on the go.

Is zAnti app safe?

Yes this app is completely safe until you don’t perform any unethical activity like sniffing someone other’s network traffic. It’s core purpose of usage is penetration testing and security research only.